Air Pump Mechanical Maintenance

Start problem with load

If the micro air pump has vacuum at its suction port or pressure at its exhaust port before it is started, another technical parameter of the pump must be considered: the maximum starting load Pis value at the air inlet and the maximum starting load Pos value at the exhaust port. A typical application example is the use of a micro air pump to maintain the vacuum or positive pressure in the container. When the vacuum or positive pressure in the container is lower than the set value, the pump needs to be powered on and stopped when it is higher than the set value. Products that can be started under the ultimate vacuum that they can reach are: VM series, VAA series, PK series, PC series, VCA series, VCC series, VCH series, PH series; they can be started under the maximum output pressure that they can reach The products are: FM series, FAA series, PCF series

High pressure air pump

Column. This performance has higher requirements on the manufacturer’s technical level.

Medium temperature

According to the temperature of the medium gas passing through the pump, it is possible to choose the normal type or the high temperature type.


According to the seriousness of the consequences after the failure of the micro pump, it is completely according to your own requirements. The average trouble-free continuous operation time of high-quality products is more than 1000 hours, and some are as high as thousands of hours. Pay special attention that this parameter is measured under full load and uninterrupted operation, which is the worst working condition. If the actual use is not full load or continuous operation, the value will be higher, and how high it depends on the working condition of the pump. set. This performance is a test of the manufacturer’s technical strength. Some can be seen from the appearance of the product, such as the use of a special motor instead of an ordinary low-cost motor, and the weight is heavier when the volume is equivalent. According to the price of the product, you can also know a thing or two.

Electromagnetic interference

If there is a precision circuit to control the micropump, depending on the circuit’s anti-interference ability, it may be necessary to order a micropump with low electromagnetic interference.

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